Winter Rules 2022/2023

Please note the following Local Winter Rules effective from the 8th Nov

Preferred Lies are necessary to allow for Fair Play during periods of abnormal course conditions. Preferred Lies are also necessary to protect the surface of the Golf Course from excess surface damage from the actions of Golfers when playing the game.

Rule 8E-3 refers.

General Area. (Fairways and Rough]

Lift, clean and tee up your ball on a tee peg within 6” not nearer the hole before taking your next stroke.

This applies to all strokes up to within 25 metres from the edge of the Green. [25 Meter restriction marked]. Inside 25 metres a ball will be lifted, cleaned, and placed on the surface within 6” and not nearer the green.

Replace divots and repair surface damage with sand available at locations around the Course. Golfers are requested to carry a sandbag.

Bunkers are in Play unless marked as G.U.R.

Lift and clean your ball. Rake the bunker area underneath where your ball lays, before replacing your ball for your next stroke. Rake the bunker once again leaving it playable.

Course and Competitions  Committee   Nov 7th 2022

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